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7' Inflatable Freddy Krueger

7' Inflatable Freddy Krueger

7' Inflatable Freddy Krueger

"You are all my children now..."

"Every town has an Elm Street..."- Freddy Krueger

The nightmares of elm street can now be on your street this Halloween when you place this massive 7' Inflatable Freddy Krueger in front of your house. Freddy Krueger, the ultimate serial killing man of your dreams and former child murdering Springwood Slasher returns once again from the dead to unleash his maniacal nightmarish vengeance on a whole new generation of kids. Thankfully, his reign of terror will be limited only to the front lawn with this cool seven foot tall, heavy-duty prop that inflates in minutes. In your dreams, his razor glove may be sharp enough to slice you to pieces, but in reality it's just harmless vinyl. I still wouldn't fall asleep too close to this thing though.



  • Prop measures approximately 7' high.
  • Made of heavy duty vinyl.
  • Heavy duty fan included.
  • Prop inflates in minutes. Deflates when unplugged.
  • UL Listed Power Cord is approximately 10' long with AC Adapter.

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