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Spooky Witch Cauldron Doormat

Spooky Witch Cauldron Doormat

Spooky Witch Cauldron Doormat

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This Halloween, after trudging through muddy pumpkin patches and graveyards, kicking through piles of wet leaves, stomping jack-o'-lanterns, running through yards covered in broken eggs and wet toilet paper, or just accidentally stepping in puddles of pooling blood after slashing your way through an entire lakeside campground with a razor-sharp machete, be sure to wipe your feet before crossing your haunted home's threshold on this cool new Witch Cauldron Door Mat. This spooky yet quite bewitching doormat is shaped like a large witch's black cauldron, which is a clear warning to all who venture too close to your front door that a sinister realm of supernatural spells and unholy sorcery might be bubbling up right behind it. It's perfect for Halloween or anytime of the year if you're an actual witch, warlock, or wizard. Eye of newt sold separately. 🧙‍♀️

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