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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl

Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl

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Everyday is Halloween when you brew up and serve your favorite bubbling concoctions from these cool new Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl. These spooky witch cauldron-inspired mugs and serving bowl are handcrafted from durable matte black glazed stoneware. The cauldron serving bowl is perfect for serving up everything from pumpkin soup, chili, and hearty stews to witch's brews and spiked punches too. The little black cauldron mugs are ideal for sipping eye of newt tea, magical elixirs, assorted spooky potions, Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa, or just normal black coffee, especially if you're having trouble staying awake after a long night of partying with your coven deep in the haunted forest. Black cats and flying brooms not included. *sinister cackle*

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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl
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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl
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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl
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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl
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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl
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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl
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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl
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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl
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Witch Cauldron Mugs and Serving Bowl
If this makes you laugh, it's probably because you're sinister with a dark sense of humor. Muahahaha!

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