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Highwave Hotjo - Wide Base, No Tip Travel Coffee Mug

Highwave Hotjo - Wide Base, No Tip Travel Coffee Mug

Highwave Hotjo - Wide Base, No Tip Travel Coffee Mug

This cool new yet quite retro Highwave Hotjo Travel Mug is a unique stoneware coffee mug with a no tip wide base and a twist-in drink-through lid to take it on the go. This ultra stable mug is handmade from stoneware, holds a generous 18 oz of coffee, and has a rubber pad on the broad base to ensure it stays put wherever it's placed. Perfect for sipping coffee on the high seas, during earthquakes, or just anywhere you tend to clumsily knock a coffee mug over. Bonus: if you're a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan, you might notice that it can also be used as a futuristic vessel for drinking Raktajino aka Klingon coffee as well...

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  • The first wide base travel mug on the planet with a drink-through lid
  • Handy twist in drink-thru top
  • No-tip travel mug with a twist top and rubber pad on a broad base to keep it upright and stable
  • Stays upright on trains, planes, or automobiles
  • Handmade from Stoneware
  • Capacity: 18 fl oz (2ish regular cups of coffee)
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe or Hand Wash
  • Microwave safe without top
  • Best For: Teachers, Chemists, Sea Captains
  • Size: 5" W x 3" L x 5" H

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