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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer

Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer

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You might not be a part of the elite 1%, but you can still seem extra snobbish about your best gourmet espresso when you sip it from this cool new Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer. This fun porcelain cup holds 2 oz of espresso in the flat crown top and rests in the saucer brim to complete the top hat illusion. Hmm, it's also a great cup for magicians.

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This handy portable cup holder easily straps onto bikes, strollers, exercise equipment, luggage, wheelchairs, walkers, or anywhere you need to rest a beverage that is cruelly without a cup holder.
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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer
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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer
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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer
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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer
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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer
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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer
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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer
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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer
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Top Hat Espresso Cup And Saucer
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