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Coffee Enhancing Cups

Coffee Enhancing Cups

Coffee Enhancing Cups

Do you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur who enjoys the complex flavors and aromas just as mush as a whisk(e)y or wine tasting expert would? Then check out these cool new AVENSI Coffee Enhancing Cups and take a way more interesting sip of your favorite brew. These innovative coffee-enhancing and mugs not only have a unique shape, curvature, and rim designed to perfectly direct the flow of coffee onto your taste buds and the delicate aromatic compounds right to your nose, it's hybrid thermal wall, which fuses both single- and double-wall insulated borosilicate glass into one, also helps aerate the coffee with a swirl all while keeping the glass cool to the touch. So just pour in your finest coffee, give it a swirl, bring the glass to your mouth, breathe in the scent through your nose, and take a sip... ahhh, perfection. Makes a great gift for coffee snobs or overly enthusiastic wine and spirit tasters nursing a hangover.

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  • Set of two Coffee Enhancing Cups
  • You care about good coffee. So why not use a cup that brings out the full potential of your coffee's flavor?
  • Double-wall coffee cups designed to capture coffee's complex aromas, tastes, and flavors, and deliver them to your senses better than any existing product
  • Taste and appreciate your coffee in a way never before possible
  • Aroma Amplification - Aerates your coffee and releases the delicate aromatic compounds - Optimal shape maximizes the surface area of your coffee when you swirl
  • Just like wine and whisky, this simple action aerates your coffee, and focuses the beautiful aromatics towards your nose and mouth
  • Taste Enhancement - Unique shape, curvature, and rim architecture are designed to enhance the way your coffee tastes like never before
  • Shape of the glass is optimized to direct the flow of coffee perfectly onto your taste buds
  • Ultra thin rim (60% thinner than ordinary coffee cups) maximizes the flow of coffee onto your tongue, immersing your palate with rich flavors in every sip
  • Hybrid Thermal Wall - Fusion of single- and double-wall glass into a unique masterpiece
  • Single-wall cools your coffee as you swirl and the double-wall insulated base keeps your coffee hot while staying cool to the touch
  • 2 cups in 1 - The first cup ever designed to be your everyday coffee cup (14oz) and also a coffee tasting glass (6oz)
  • Material: Handblown borosilicate glass

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