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Cat Bods Play Cube

Cat Bods Play Cube

Cat Bods Play Cube

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If your favorite feline isn't happy with their chonky cat bod that you probably post endless pics of online, then give them four new body choices when they step inside this cool new Cat Bods Play Cube. This funny cardboard play cube has four face cutouts for your cat to peek out from, which also happens to give them a hilarious new bod on the outside like a flexing bodybuilder, an astronaut floating in outer space, an Egyptian sarcophagus, and a chef with baby arms. Perfect for cat photo ops and cat naps alike.


  • Cardboard cat play cube with face cutouts to give them funny cat bods
  • Four Bods: flexing male bodybuilder, an astronaut floating in space, an Egyptian sarcophagus, and a chef with baby arms
  • Let your cat finally get the bod they have always wanted
  • Four sides decorated with an image where a hole has been cut out of the face
  • When your feline pokes their adorable little head through the hole, it’ll look like they're flexing their biceps, floating in space, and doing other people things
  • A fun and photo-worthy scene for you to snap pics of your adorable feline to share with friends
  • Gives your cat (or small pet) 4 options to peek out of while creating a hilarious spectacle for the humans on the outside
  • Pet door for easy access
  • Size: 12" x 12" x 12"

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