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Cardboard Cat Playhouses - Fire Engine, Airplane and Tank

Cardboard Cat Playhouses - Fire Engine, Airplane and Tank

Cardboard Cat Playhouses - Fire Engine, Airplane and Tank

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Cats always seem to like a toy's box over the toy itself, but what if the toy was the box? Cardboard Cat Playhouses are fun cardboard kitty playsets that quickly assemble into little feline hideouts disguised as fire engines, fighter planes and tanks.

The Cardboard Cat Playhouses come flat-packed and ready for assembly like a giant puzzle for the owner, but when finished your cat will quickly dive in thinking they found a vehicle sized perfectly for their grand escape. Soon they will realize, their tiny transport isn't going anywhere and will curl up and fall asleep inside. The tank's turret and gun move, the propeller on the airplane spins and the ladder extends on the fire truck. If your cat decides to shred or eat the vehicle, no worries, the ink is certified safe and non-toxic. I can't wait to push my cat around on the carpet in the tank!



  • Cardboard vehicle playsets come flat-packed
  • Ink is certified as non-toxic
  • Tank turret and gun move
  • Propeller on the airplane spins
  • Ladder extends on the fire truck
  • Size: Fire Engine - 23 1/4" W x 17 1/3" L x 9" D - 8 pieces
  • Size: Plane - 28" W x 33.5" L x 12.5" D - 7 pieces
  • Size: Tank - 18 1/3" W x 17 1/3" L x 17 2/3" D - 4 pieces

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