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CATSA Lander Mark1 - Feline Escape Pod

CATSA Lander Mark1 - Feline Escape Pod

CATSA Lander Mark1 - Feline Escape Pod

With all that's going on lately, it's truly beginning to feel like it's last call on this doomed planet that's suffering from a terminal case of unstoppable human pestilence. Unlike most of the dumb animals, like dogs, cats have been working hard on building state-of-the-art escape pods to flee planet Earth and explore the universe for new galaxies to conquer, aliens to bite, and otherworldly surfaces to scratch. However, due to their extreme love of napping, they only got as far as this cool new CATSA Lander Mark1.

Only 99 of these extremely limited edition feline escape pods / spacecraft landers were constructed and while they don't actually let spacecats travel through outer space, they do make super cool modern cat beds. They feature precision-milled composite aluminum shells, nine soft rubber isolation claw stabilizers, a fun CATSA flag hoisted on a spring steel antenna, a plush foam bed inside the lander, and proceeds will be used to help fund solutions for the unique needs of community cats and their caregivers. The good news is that at least a few pampered cats will be extra cozy while they enjoy watching an angry planet attempt everything and anything to rid itself of the human scourge.

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