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Litter Containment Mat

Litter Containment Mat

Litter Containment Mat

Cats are notoriously clean and easy to care for, but have zero consideration for their owner's floors when they exit a litter box. Well, you can't teach a cat anything, so if you want to prevent them from tracking litter around the house, just place this cool new Litter Containment Mat under their litter box. This customizable set of six interlocking trays each have 1/2 inch deep grates that spread out a cat's paw pads, dislodges the litter and collects it as they walk. It even attracts and holds fine litter dust though static electricity. Great solution.

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  • Prevents cats from tracking litter around the house
  • Set of six interlocking trays that remove and collect kitty litter from paws
  • Trays use static electricity to attract and hold fine litter dust
  • 1/2"-deep grates that spread a cat's paw pads and dislodges litter granules as they walk
  • 1'-sq. modular trays interlock on all four sides for customizable set up around a litter box
  • Grates are removable for ease of emptying the collected litter
  • Size: 0.5" H x 12.5" W x 12" L - 1 lb

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