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Anmitsu Japanese Dessert Cat Bed

Anmitsu Japanese Dessert Cat Bed

Anmitsu Japanese Dessert Cat Bed

Normally you wouldn't want your furry feline friend cat napping all day in a bowl of fruit, but you can make an exception for this cool new Anmitsu Japanese Dessert Cat Bed. This cute food-themed cat bed looks like a bowl of the Japanese sweet dessert anmitsu, which is basically fruits and jelly covered in syrup, but except these fruits are soft and comfortable and there's just enough room in the bowl for your cat to snuggle up in. Unfortunately, you're just going to annoy it's slumber with the endless pictures you'll surely take.

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  • Food-themed cushion for pets
  • A uniquely food-themed cushion for your feline friend to lie on and get comfy
  • Anmitsu is a type of Japanese sweet dessert with jelly and fruit, all flavored with delicious syrup
  • When your cat gets snug inside this "bowl," it will look like the sweetest thing ever in more ways than one
  • The cushion features colorful fruit and is also irresistibly soft
  • Material: polyester, polyurethane
  • Size: 20" Diameter x 5" H

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