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Highwave AutoDogMug - All-In-One Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

Highwave AutoDogMug - All-In-One Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

When you're on the go with your furry best friend, be sure to help keep them properly hydrated with this cool new Highwave AutoDogMug. This handy travel mug for dogs combines a water bottle and water bowl all-in-one. Just squeeze the leakproof bottle to fill the bowl on top, let your dog lap it up, and then release to let any extra water drain back in. Perfect for anything from small walks around the neighborhood to long hikes in nature and every time they get thirsty in between. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.


  • AutoDogMug is the first and only travel mug for a dog
  • Squeeze and operate with one hand
  • Extra water drains back into the mug
  • Leak tight
  • Food safe andBPA free
  • Includes strap for bikes and hikes
  • Fits in the car holder
  • Non-spill top
  • Made in California (USA)

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