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Canopy Self-Watering Glass Planter

Canopy Self-Watering Glass Planter

Canopy Self-Watering Glass Planter

This cool new Canopy Self-Watering Planter from LSA International is a stunning, two-piece glass planter inspired by the Eden Project biospheres in Cornwall, England. The see through glass top section holds the soil, a plant, and a cotton wick that runs down through a cork stopper into a glass water reservoir section below. The wick carries the perfect amount of water up to the soil above, so there's no need to worry about over- or under-watering, just keep the water reservoir full. Available in two sizes.

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  • Self-watering planters inspired by the iconic biospheres of Cornwall, England's famed Eden Project
  • Fill the lower compartment with water and the top planter with soil and plants
  • A cord running between the two layers wicks water up and carries it to the soil
  • Made of mouthblown 100% recycled, recyclable glass
  • Sustainably sourced, agglomerated cork stopper
  • Create an indoor herb or flower garden without worrying about watering
  • Winner of a 2021 Green GOOD DESIGN Award

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