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Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain

Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain

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Does your pool need a waterfall? YES! Give your swimming pool an instant cascading waterfall and help cool it down on super hot days by attaching this cool new Pool Jet Fountain to a return jet. This clever pool fountain / aerator with glow-in-the-dark sprayer head is designed to fit with most 1.5 inch threaded in-ground return jet fittings and uses the pool's pump for power. The fountain's aeration effect can help lower pool temperatures by up to 10 degrees and the soothing waterfall sounds can transport your mind from the boring backyard to an exotic tropical oasis. It's also just fun to stand under a waterfall for no reason.

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Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain
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Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain
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Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain
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Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain
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Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain
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Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain
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Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain
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Swimming Pool Jet Waterfall Fountain
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