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Floating Party Mat

Floating Party Mat

Floating Party Mat

Floating around on a raft by yourself all day isn't as much fun as floating around with a small friendly crowd. The cool new Floating Party Mat is a massive floating foam mat that can support up to 6 adults or 500+ pounds, but unfortunately only has 4 built-in cupholders. Perfect for the beach, a lake, or a giant swimming pool and even includes mooring lines if you want to keep your party from floating away. Hmm, I guess floating around by yourself wouldn't be so bad if your float was 15 feet long and 6 feet wide.

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  • Oversized mat floats up to 500+ pounds or 4 to 6 adults
  • Soft, durable cross-linked foam with tear-resistant top
  • Mooring lines and hook-and-loop straps are included for floating in one spot
  • Four cup holders
  • Lake and beach-worthy
  • Rolls up with two adjustable straps to conveniently carry or store
  • Size: 180" L x 72" W x 1.25" H

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