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Massive Inflatable Mega Yacht - 13 Feet Long!

Massive Inflatable Mega Yacht - 13 Feet Long!

Massive Inflatable Mega Yacht - 13 Feet Long!

Wish you could afford a mega yacht? Well, now you can with this cool new Funboy Inflatable Mega Yacht. While not quite as large as an actual mega yacht, this massive pool-sized version still measures nearly 13 feet in length, perches riders over the water 3.5 feet high, and provides enough space for up to 4 adults to luxuriously float around in the pool, on a lake, or in the ocean all afternoon. It features a front bungee cord tie-down system in the bow to hold a cooler or waterproof speakers, two cupholders, four boarding handles, two tether points for towing and docking, and durable yet ultra-soft vinyl construction. It also makes the perfect float for the pool on an actual mega yacht, because you just can't have too many mega yachts.

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  • Funboy Inflatable Mega Yacht
  • Indulge in a life of leisure, if only for the afternoon
  • Nearly 13 feet long
  • Front bungee cord tie-down system secures a cooler, waterproof speakers, or anything you want to float with
  • Two cupholders for stowing beverages
  • Provides a luxurious perch for up to four adults
  • Two tether points for docking and towing
  • Four handles for boarding
  • Made of durable yet ultra-soft vinyl
  • Holds up to 600 lbs
  • Can be used in saltwater or chlorinated pools
  • Size: 154" L x 65" W x 43" H - 24 lbs

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