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Ultimate Inflatable Backyard Water Park!

Ultimate Inflatable Backyard Water Park!

Ultimate Inflatable Backyard Water Park!

We always seem to cover cool stuff for adults, but here's something really cool for all you little Green Heads out there. On those hot summer days are you and your friends tired of running around the lawn water sprinkler, sitting in a boring inflatable pool or spraying the garden hose into the air. Well, now you all can have some real fun this summer playing on the absolutely coolest ultimate 5-in-1 Inflatable Backyard Water Park. I wish I was a kid again, this thing would have made me the coolest one in the neighborhood!


  • Covers Nearly 120 Square Feet!
  • Water Slide w/ Side Rails, Sprinkler & Continuous Irrigation
  • Splash Pool
  • Crawl Tunnel
  • Climbing Wall
  • Bounce Bag w/ Netted Walls
  • Sets Up in 2 minutes!

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