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Bag O' Beach Bones - Life-Size Skeleton Sand Mold

Bag O' Beach Bones - Life-Size Skeleton Sand Mold

What sounds like more fun at the beach? Digging a hole in the sand, making a boring old bucket sand castle, or leaving the beachside littered with skeletal remains half buried in the sand? Yep, until now, if you wanted to create your sand skeletons, you would need to bury yourself in the sand and then wait a long, long time for nature to do it for you. There's now a better way. This cool new Bag O' Beach Bones from Toysmith is a collection of 14 skeleton bone molds that let the kids (or you) create creepy life-sized skeletons in the sand or even the snow. Perfect for making regular skeletons, waving skeletons, skeletons holding hands across the beach, a skeleton buddy to tan with, the skull and crossbones, and more.

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