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Mahina Mermaid MerFin

Mahina Mermaid MerFin

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If you've always dreamt of being a mermaid or perhaps even a merman gliding effortlessly through an underwater ocean kingdom with your giant fish tail, well now you can with this cool new Mahina Mermaid MerFin. This mermaid inspired mono fin was designed by a real-life professional mermaid to make the wearer look and feel just like the real thing, if mermaids were real of course. Constructed from soft, flexible, and lightweight recycled rubber, these fun flippers not only will help you swiftly boost your speed swimming underwater, they also help provide a full body workout that helps to strengthen your core as well. If you're worried you might become stuck as a mermaid forever, not to worry because this mermaid fin easily releases with a simple flick of the ankle strap to make you fully human again. Available in multiple colors and sizes for kids through adults. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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