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Aquaclimb Sport - Poolside Climbing Wall

Aquaclimb Sport - Poolside Climbing Wall

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Regular climbing walls are a lot of fun and offer a great workout, but when you give up or fall off, wouldn't you rather splash down into a refreshing pool of cool water than crush your crotch in a harness, or worse, hit the floor? The cool new Aquaclimb Sport is a poolside mounted climbing wall that requires no climbing gear, just a filled pool and a swimsuit. These luxurious aquatic climbing walls vary in heights, have 4 color coded climbing routes that vary in difficulty levels, and are made from the highest quality stainless steel and Lexan climbing surfaces. It may not be as exciting as climbing up on the roof to do an extreme cannoball into the pool, but it's definitely a lot safer.

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Aquaclimb Sport - Poolside Climbing Wall
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Aquaclimb Sport - Poolside Climbing Wall
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Aquaclimb Sport - Poolside Climbing Wall
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