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Massive Inflatable Golden Dragon Pool Float

Massive Inflatable Golden Dragon Pool Float

Massive Inflatable Golden Dragon Pool Float

The next best thing to flying around on a real dragon and instructing it to incinerate all your enemies with its fire breath is maybe floating around in the pool all day on this cool new Golden Dragon Pool Float. This fearsome and massive 103 inch long inflatable dragon for the swimming pool, beach, or anywhere it desires to go provides enough room for two riders, has two handles on the neck just in case it takes flight, and is constructed from heavy duty vinyl instead of traditional reptilian dragon scales. If this monstrous pool float agrees to let you ride upon it, you most certainly will rule the pool that day.

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  • 103" when fully inflated
  • Provides a recessed seating area that is comfortable for play and lounging
  • Two built-in handles on the dragon's long neck give the rider plenty of stability by firmly gripping them with the hands
  • Holds up to 400 pounds for 2 persons
  • Valve enables easy inflation with an air pump or a hairdryer and rapid deflation
  • Made of soft, durable and heavy-duty vinyl material

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