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Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!

Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!

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Those cute little yellow rubber ducks may be fun in the bath, but now you can scale up the excitement to quacktastic levels when you bring this cool new Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck to the pool, beach, lake, pond, boat trip, river rapids, waterfall, hot tub, a rubber duck race, or, yep, even back in the bathtub with you... if it will fit. This massive inflatable yellow duckling stands four feet tall, inflates like any other pool float, and is also great for unexpected pranks. Hmm, just don't fill it up with helium and let it go though or you may end up inadvertently creating an international incident.

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Motorized Inflatable Bumper Boats
This is the inflatable bumper boat that allows you to maneuver in calm water at speeds up to 3 M.P.H. in any direction you desire because it uses the same shrouded propeller design used by modern tugboats.
Swimming Pool Patio Table Set
This unique patio furniture set submerges down into the cool, soothing waters of your swimming pool, so you and three guests can beat the summer heat!
Inflatable Glowing Pool Float
This inflatable floating lounge chair illuminates from within in either 12 fixed colors or in a 3 color flash mode making it the perfect festive furniture for any blowout after dark pool party.
Giant 7' Inflatable Killer Whale
Realistic and massive, air-filled orcas!
Brookstone Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker
Designed to keep blasting your music whether you're in the shower, the pool, a hot tub, or anywhere it's just really, really wet.
Soak 'n' Wet - Portable Alternative Dunk Tank
A safer and more portable alternative to expensive dunk tank rentals.
Soleil In-Pool Umbrella Stand Table
This sleek and minimalist patio umbrella stand doubles as a drink table and can be filled up with water so it can be placed either in the pool or poolside.
Inflatable Frosted Donut Drink Floats
These fun inflatable frosted donut-shaped cupholder floats keep your beverage of choice safely above the water and hopefully within reach.
Lava Aire Italia Bellagio - Step-On Teak Wood Outdoor Shower
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Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!
A nearly seven foot tall inflatable monster for your yard that sprays water from its mouth for either running through while screaming and laughing wildly on a hot summer day or as a whimsical alternative to the boring old, stuttering lawn sprinkler.
Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!
This vertical, wall mount version of the classic Scrabble game has a full-sized metal game board on one side and a dry erase message board on the other.
Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!
This massive biodegradable latex balloon inflates to at least 3 feet in diameter or maybe bigger. Water balloon fights will never be the same!
Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!
Just connect this handcrafted wooden coffee table to your television via HDMI and use the oversized arcade joysticks and buttons on the tabletop to play over 12,000 video games from 38 gaming consoles from the past including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Atari, Sega Genesis, arcade games, and many, many more.
Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!
This innovative toy gun converts sheets of toilet paper right off the roll into gross wet spitballs (minus the spit) and then launches them at targets of your choosing up to 30 feet away.
Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!
This gigantic 8 foot tall dog-shaped balloon animal made from inflatable high quality PVC is sure to generate double takes and excited whispers when you proudly display it in your living room, bedroom, or office.
Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!
This cute little talking hamster toy from Japan repeats everything you say back to you, in any language, in a fittingly hilarious squeaky voice.
Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!
Great for a nice game of catch, a Halloween costume accessory or just scaring the life out of someone when you toss it their way unexpectedly.
Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Duck - 4 Feet Tall!
A DIY kit that includes everything kids (or you) need to build a wooden, elastic-powered paper airplane launcher that can send them up to 30+ feet away.

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