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Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate

Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate

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You'll feel like you stepped into a creaky Old West saloon when you add these cool new Whiskey Bullets to your favorite poison. Unlike ice cubes that melt and water down your drink or regular whiskey stones that aren't all that interesting to look at, these non-firing, stainless steel bullets can be placed in the freezer and then dropped into your drink to perfectly chill it down in only a few minutes without dilution. They're made from high-quality 304 stainless steel and come in a set of six in a little wooden ammo crate that's perfect for gifting. They're also a great way to combine alcohol and ammunition without worrying about an old-fashioned dual in the street afterwards.

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Shake up wild and crazy drinks using the cocktail shaker with a built-in strainer, or combine various liquors and mixers to make the ultimate cocktail in the large glass beaker, and then serve them in the toxic glass test tubes.
Homemade Gin Kit
This unique DIY kit lets you concoct a small batch of high quality gin in only about 36 hours.
Minimalist Concrete Wine Bottle Holder
A heavy duty yet quite minimalist wine bottle rack that is handcrafted from smooth, gold-flecked cement that can safely hold up to 6 of your favorite standard wine bottles.
Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade
This unique beer foam skimming bartender's tool features a polished stainless steel blade that precisely lops off a foamy head at the optimal angle as it smoothly slides over the top of the glass.
Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker 2000
I loved the original Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker and the new upgraded model the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker 2000 is even better. It has double the ice, nearly double the power and a nice new design. On their next model, I hope they double the pitcher size, because it's always margarita time here at Green Head Headquarters!
King Cobra Snake Ice Mold
This 3D silicone mold makes a large, phobia-inducing hooded King Cobra head ice cube that is tall enough to peek over the top of most whisk(e)y tumblers.
Freezable Stainless Steel Shot Glasses
These cool new Freezable Stainless Steel Shot Glasses stay ice cold for up to 1 hour outside of the freezer for doing multiple chilled shots at your next festive gathering.
Copper Party Cup
Are you somewhere in between beer pong and top shelf?
Beer Can Life Vest Koozie
These miniature life preserver vests / can koozies are designed to thermally insulate ice cold beers from your hot hands, prevent slippery condensation that leads to catastrophic drops, and help keep it safe from drowning in the pool or after going overboard during a shipwreck.

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Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
A sleek freestanding watercooler that can dispense clean and refreshing cold, hot, or room temperature water like most, except this one also has a filtered built-in ice maker that can produce up to 27 lbs of bullet ice cubes per day or 9 every 6-14 minutes.
Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
Stainless steel swizzle sticks filled with innovative freezer gel that stir and chill your drinks in the same motion without diluting it.
Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
Sleek and elegant, hand-polished stainless steel ice cubes that chill down wine, spirits, or cocktails without dilution.
Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
No matter whether it's game night, poker night, or just a night cap, chill down your favorite whiskey without diluting it using these Dice Whiskey Chillers.
Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
Lets you create your own swirling booze-filled ice twisters before you start doing some actual spinning yourself.
Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
Serve up to 60 perfectly chilled jumbo shrimp and cocktail sauce to your guests at your next gathering with this cool new Super Chill Shrimp Tower.
Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
You can make 10 Lego ice bricks at a time in the flexible silicone tray. The kids will love having Legos in their drink and I will love stacking the ice bricks into incredible ice houses and spaceships.
Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
When you drop one of these bomb-shaped ice cubes into your drink, it's sure to be a real blast.
Chilled Whiskey Bullets in a Wooden Ammo Crate
This innovative ice cube tray not only prevents spills when moving it from the sink to the freezer, it also protects the ice from absorbing odors.

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