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King Cobra Snake Ice Mold

King Cobra Snake Ice Mold

King Cobra Snake Ice Mold

This Halloween, pretend your glass of poison or other favorite beverage look a bit more venomous when you chill it down with this cool new King Cobra Snake Ice Mold. This 3D silicone mold makes a large, phobia-inducing hooded King Cobra head ice cube that is tall enough to peek over the top of most whisk(e)y tumblers. It's large size melts slower to help prevent dilution, it can be used to freeze juices and iced coffee to add chilled flavor to drinks, and since it's made from silicone, it also doubles as a mold for making chocolate, gelatin, candles, soap, models, and more. Hmm, I kind of want to make a cool walking cane with a resin cobra head on top of it now. 🐍🧊

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