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Barrel-Aged Spirits Kit

Barrel-Aged Spirits Kit

Barrel-Aged Spirits Kit

This cool new Barrel-Aged Spirits Kit quickly barrel ages your vodka, gin, rum, and other spirits in just 1-2 weeks. Just drop the 2 included charred oak staves into the bottle of booe, seal it up, let it age, and take optional small samples along the way. When it's finished aging, simply strain it through the cheesecloth and enjoy the newly imparted intense oak flavor and aroma. Makes a cool gift too.

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  • Age your favorite spirits right in the bottle with this handy kit
  • Perfect for aging light spirits such as gin, vodka and rum
  • Charred oak staves add intense, woody flavor and aroma in just days
  • For best results, age between five and 15 days
  • Includes: 2 charred oak staves, cheesecloth, linen bag
  • Made in the USA

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