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Perdue Beer Can Chicken Beer

Perdue Beer Can Chicken Beer

Perdue Beer Can Chicken Beer

This summer, as the sun shines and the backyard BBQS sizzle, crack open a can of this cool new Perdue Beer Can Chicken Beer from Torch & Crown Brewing Company, take a refreshing sip, and then awkwardly cram it inside a whole chicken before roasting it upright on the grill. This limited edition six-pack of beer is brewed exclusively for the art of beer can chicken roasting, but you can also drink it too, because it's real beer. This unusual Summer ale is brewed with a harmonious blend of citra hops, golden honey, aromatic rosemary, tantalizing thyme, and pink peppercorns. Just push an open can inside the cavity of a whole chicken (or pour into a beer can chicken stand liquid holder instead), place the chicken upright on a rack on your grill, and soon you will be enjoying a juicy, tender bird infused with herbaceous, citrus flavor on the inside and crispy golden skin on the outside. While you're waiting for it to roast, feel free to open a can just for yourself. 🐓🍺

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