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BBQ Grill-To-Go - Set of 3

BBQ Grill-To-Go - Set of 3

BBQ Grill-To-Go - Set of 3

When you simply can't leave your grill behind, bring along one of these cool new BBQ Grill-To-Go barbecues. These portable aluminum one-time-use grills are pre-loaded with charcoal and you don't even need lighter fluid! Just light it up and it's ready for hardcore grilling action in just 20 minutes. These disposable grills come in a set of three, perfect for grilling breakfast, lunch and dinner, and are ideal for tailgating, camping, boating or anywhere you feel the need to barbecue.



  • Set of 3 disposable grills
  • Portable aluminum one-time-use grills
  • Preloaded with charcoal
  • No lighter fuel needed
  • Ready to grill in 20 minutes
  • Includes cooking utensils

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