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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers

SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers

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These cool new SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers make it simple to grill steaks to the perfect temperature every time. Just activate the stainless steel thermometer, slide it into the side of a steak 1" thick or larger, and grill away like usual. When the end begins to slowly flash, it means it's almost reached the desired temperature, a rapid double flash means it's time to come off the grill and rest for awhile, and no flash means it's done and ready to eat. They come in Rare (120°F), Medium Rare (130°F), Medium (140°F), and Medium Well (150°F) versions. Check out the demo video below to see them in action.

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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers
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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers
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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers
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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers
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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers
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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers
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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers
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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers
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SteakChamp Grilling Thermometers
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