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Wine Vac - Vacuum Seal Your Wine Bottle

Wine Vac - Vacuum Seal Your Wine Bottle

Wine Vac - Vacuum Seal Your Wine Bottle

I love a glass or two or three of wine, but I always have a little left over in the bottle. I usually just try to stick the cork back in and hope it stays fresh and flavorful until the next day, but it never does. I found this cool little device called the Wine Vac™ that ensures my bottle of wine will last. Just place the Wine Vac™ over the top opening and it vacuum seals the bottle by removing all the air. It even includes a built-in digital LCD thermometer so you can make sure the wine is maintained and served at the correct temperature. Makes a great gift for wine lovers.

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  • Wine Vac™ lets you enjoy a glass or two of a special wine, then keep what remains for the next few days, with little loss of flavor.
  • Place it on top of the opened bottle; vacuum pump automatically activates and tells you when seal is complete.
  • Built-in thermometer with LCD shows wine's temperature so you know when serving is optimal (suggested temperatures are printed on the back).
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries.

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