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VinTemp Corkscrew and Infrared Wine Thermometer

VinTemp Corkscrew and Infrared Wine Thermometer

Before you pull the cork on that next bottle of wine, be sure to make sure you're serving it at it's optimal temperature. With the cool new stainless steel sommelier-quality VinTemp Corkscrew and Infrared Wine Thermometer you can place the handle against outside of the wine bottle and a built-in sensor measures the infrared heat signature in one second and displays the temperature on an illuminated screen. Check that temp with the suggested serving temperatures with the 6 different categories printed on the side. Perfect gift for any wine lover and just a handy tool to have around.


  • Combines corkscrew and infrared wine thermometer
  • Tells you temperature of wine before it is opened
  • Simply place curved handle against outside of bottle
  • Sensor reads wine's temperature in one second
  • Displays temperature on illuminated screen
  • Stainless steel sommelier-quality tool
  • Features a grooved spiral worm, a serrated foil cutter and a lever with cap opener
  • Six different wine categories are printed on the corkscrew with suggested serving temperatures for each

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