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Merlot Infused Tea

Merlot Infused Tea

Merlot Infused Tea

When you cannot decide between one more relaxing glass of wine or maybe just a nice cup of relaxing tea, why not have both? This cool new Merlot Infused Tea combines organic black tea with an infusion of merlot giving it a lush wine flavor, minus the alcohol, with notes of bergamot, vanilla, and cornflower petals. It's perfect for serving up after dinner to your guests and even includes a handy stainless steel infusion ball to steep the loose leaf tea in hot water as well. Hmm, should you serve it in a tea cup or wine glass?

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  • Organic black tea infused with merlot
  • Merlot's lush, berry-like flavor adds a delicious dimension to this organic black tea
  • Notes of bergamot, vanilla, and cornflower petals
  • Makes a very fine post-dinner beverage
  • Sip your way to bliss, without alcohol
  • Stainless steel infusion tea ball included
  • Steep 1 teaspoon of tea in one cup of hot water with infusion ball - Steep for 4-5 minutes or longer for a stronger taste
  • Made in Virginia, USA
  • Size: 6" H x 3" Diameter - 2 oz of tea

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