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Shark Wine Glass

Shark Wine Glass

Shark Wine Glass

You're gonna need a bigger bottle of wine to handle this cool new Shark Wine Glass. Lurking just below the blood red wine in this handcrafted lead-free crystal wine glass is a mighty thirsty shark, but you probably already noticed its fin slowly rising up with each new sip. Hopefully, by the time the full shark is revealed, it'll be too tipsy to bite you. It's the perfect glass for sipping wine while sailing through shark-infested waters or just during Shark Week on tv. Please be careful while hand-washing it... the shark inside the goblet may be sobered up by then.

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  • Sparkling handcrafted lead-free crystal Shark Wine Glass
  • What appears at first to be an ordinary wine glass becomes more dangerous as a fin suddenly appears…followed by a torso. Then the menacing jaws!
  • The shark prefers red seas of wine, but also enjoys blush and white seas as well
  • Hand-wash only

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