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Giant Margarita Glass

Giant Margarita Glass

Giant Margarita Glass

When you say you only want one margarita, then make it count with this cool new Giant Margarita Glass. This massive margarita glass stands almost 20 inches tall, is crafted from seamless, mouth-blown glass, and can hold a whopping 78 oz of booze. It also doubles as a serving bowl, decorative display, or floating candle holder.

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  • When you only want one margarita
  • Seamless mouth-blown glass can hold an entire bottle of tequila
  • Classic champagne coup shape fits an entire hand, enabling effortless quaffing without abandoning social mores
  • Also serves as an impressive display for olives, candies, or floating candles
  • Capacity: 78 oz
  • Hand wash
  • Size: 19.75" H x 9.75" Diameter - 1 lb

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