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Nesting Steel Shot Glasses

Nesting Steel Shot Glasses

Nesting Steel Shot Glasses

These cool new Nesting Steel Shot Glasses are industrial strength shot glasses made from 24 gauge 1008 cold rolled steel that's been stamped, curled, engraved and crimped for easy stacking and plated in satin or polished nickel or slate gray Teflon. If you're looking for hardcore shot glasses that are built to survive through a lifetime of downing the roughest of booze at the most insane of parties, look no further. Available in a set of 4 of your choice of finish.

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  • Full Set Includes Four Glasses
  • Stamped, curled, engraved and then crimped for stacking
  • 24 Gauge 1008 Cold Rolled Steel
  • Substantial and industrial but also simple and refined
  • Finish Options: Slate Gray Teflon, Industrial Satin Nickel-Plated, Polished Nickel-Plated
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in Brooklyn, NY
  • Size: 1.7" H 1.6" D - 1.5 Oz

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