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Sinking Ship Glass

Sinking Ship Glass

Sinking Ship Glass

Oh no! The stormy seas are malevolent tonight with massive thunderous crashing waves pounding the hull of the ship, the captain's been heavily drinking again, and there's icebergs floating around everywhere!!! What perilous maritime disaster will you imagine as you calmly sip from this cool new Sinking Ship Glass? This unique tumbler features a handblown glass ship in the center that appears to be sinking down into the murky depths of your beverage of choice. Sure you could save it from a watery doom by finishing your drink, but another refill and adding ice cubes is sure to spell certain doom for this unfortunate vessel.

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  • Epic drinking vessel to add some drama to your cocktails
  • Classy glass tumbler with a handmade ship sinking inside
  • Swirl your drink around the glass to create some waves to reveal the epic handblown ship within
  • Make sure you add in a few icebergs
  • Whip out that bottle of Blue Curaçao and make yourself a gorgeous ocean-blue cocktail
  • Fill it with coffee liqueur and pretend there's been an oil disaster!

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