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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker

Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker

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It's nice to have a fully stocked home bar, but wouldn't it be even better if it included a bartender behind it to make cocktails for you and your friends on demand? I found the solution. This cool new Barsys - Robot Bartender automatically conjures up mixed drinks for you in mere seconds with just a simple tap on an app on your smartphone. Just choose from the thousands of cocktail recipes on the smartphone app, customize it to your individual taste, press the button, and watch as the Barsys comes to life and expertly makes the drink in under 30 seconds. It features five liquor bottle mounts on the top, three mixer bottles on the side, a wireless mixing cup, and an automated cleaning process. Perfect for either entertaining at home or even using commercially at restaurants and bars. Best of all, there's no need to tip this bartender.

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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
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Barsys - Robotic Cocktail Maker
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