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Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Dammit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a bartender! - Dr. Leonard (Bones) McCoy

Before there was Synthehol, Chateau Picard Wine, and Romulan Ale in the 23-24 centuries, apparently Captain James T. Kirk was able to slap his name on some bourbon way back here in the 21st Century. Time travel by slingshotting around the sun in a Klingon Bird of Prey is the only obvious way it could have happened of course. Anyways, now all you bourbon whiskey connoisseurs / Trekkies can gather around a campfire in Yosemite National Park with your buddies in cosplay singing, Row, Row, Row Your Boat while sipping some of this cool new James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Yep, Iowa born James T Kirk has a small batch bourbon coming soon crafted from choice 4-12 year old barrels from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. After a few glasses of this out of this world collectible bourbon, it will all make sense... except, no Scotty Scotch? Go boldly and drink responsibly.

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Bourbon Lip Balm
Want to prevent chapped lips, but without applying the typical cherry or mint flavored lip balm? Well, fire up a fine cigar, pour a wee bit of good bourbon, and apply this cool new Bourbon Lip Balm.
Duke Cannon Buffalo Trace Bourbon Bar Soap - Oak Barrel Scented
This big brick of soap that's 2 to 3 times the size of a typical bar of soap has actual Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey added along with small bits of ground corn to help exfoliate the skin and has a rich, oak barrel scent rather than bourbon, so you won't smell like you stumbled out of a bar after you step from the shower
Pabst Blue Ribbon 180-Pack Anniversary Case - 180 Beers for 180 Years
This mega-sized anniversary case of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans holds 180 beers for 180 years.
DIY Beer Making Kits
Unlike most pricey and space-consuming home brew equipment, these cool new DIY Beer Making Kits from the Brooklyn Brew Shop require little space, are affordable and produce great tasting craft beer!
Wine Smoke and Whiskey Black Tea Set
This unique set of loose leaf fair trade black teas are infused with wine smoke flavor in one gold capped jar and whiskey flavor in the other.
Jameson Whiskey Tabletop Christmas Tree
This festive tabletop Christmas tree is actually a pre-lit wooden stand that holds 19 dummy bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey in the shape of a lush evergreen.
Bourbon Marshmallows
Finally, a way to spike the hot cocoa.
Bombay Sapphire East Gin Wheel
This luxurious, lazy susan-inspired wheel holds everything you need to make a perfect gin and tonic cocktail, including a complimentary 1 liter bottle of the new Bombay Sapphire East that infuses two additional botanicals to the traditional ten, Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese Black Peppercorn.
Clear Creek Distillery Douglas Fir Eau De Vie
If you love the fresh aromatic scent of the Douglas Fir tree, now you can literally drink it in with a bottle of this cool new Douglas Fir Eau De Vie from Clear Creek Distillery in Portland, Oregon.

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Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey
This set of three epic table runners depict the colors and sigils of House Stark, House Targaryen, and House Lannister, but unfortunately the Iron Throne for the head of the table is sold separately.
Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey
If you feel like the God of Thunder while sitting on your bathroom throne, try to wield Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir in the air or just grab a few sheets of TP.
Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey
These civilized BBQ tongs inspired by the ones used by Darth Vader's private chef have the traditional pincher tongs on one end and the hilt of his lightsaber on the other, plus they even make cool lightsaber noises so you can really dork out.
Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey
This lifesize Ewok statue of Wicket can really help tie a room together in your home, treehouse, or home theater. Yub Nub!
Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey
You never know when you're going to have good luck, but you can keep some readily in reserve with this hand-picked and preserved 100% genuine four-leaf clover in a jar.
Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey
This fun virtual laser keyboard projector is housed in a miniature Artoo unit that connects to your computer, smartphone, NaviComputer, tablet, or Lobot wirelessly via Bluetooth.
Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey
This is an authentic, limited edition replica of the original marionette used in the creation of Walt Disney's animated masterpiece Pinocchio. It is exactly 1:1 in scale to that 1st puppet and is made of wood and wood-like resin.
Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey
When you step on the center foot pedal of this highly detailed vinyl model of R2-D2 from Japan his domed head pops open to accept trash.
Star Trek James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Feeling a bit strange, unusual, or possibly even dead? Then you need to contract the services of the afterlife's leading bio-exorcist, draw a door, and attempt to understand the Handbook for the Recently Deceased from the Handbook for the Recently Deceased Press.

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