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Spider Vodka

Spider Vodka

Spider Vodka

There are more flavored vodkas around nowadays than I can even count, but I suggest you skip the birthday cake, whipped cream, and bacon flavored vodkas and try something a bit more daring like this cool new yet quite disturbing Spider Vodka from Thailand Unique. This arachnophobia-inducing rice grain vodka is infused with the exotic natural flavors of a real giant Huntsman Spider. Best of all, just like the infamous mezcal tequila worm, this boozy eight-legged arachnid is totally edible after you finish the bottle, but they do recommend cooking it first. Personally, I would make a vodka martini using the spider as a garnish. Yum! 🕷🍸

Also available in tasty tarantula vodka and Cobra Snake and Scorpion Whiskey flavors as well! If you dare...

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  • Huntsman Spider Vodka Infusion drink
  • Thai rice grain vodka infused with a 5cm Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda Venatoria)
  • The spider is edible but may need to be cooked first if you wish to eat it.
  • The vodka is steeped for several months, which then imparts a unique flavor into the liquor
  • Alcohol infusions containing herbs and/or snakes, scorpions, spiders etc. are commonly used in SE Asia for medicinal purposes
  • They are believed to reinvigorate a person according to Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Every bottle is unique in its own way
  • Capacity: 70 ml 40%v/v

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