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Bacon-Scented Face Mask

Bacon-Scented Face Mask

Bacon-Scented Face Mask

If you had asked me as a little kid what I envisioned the future to be like in 2020, wearing a pork-scented face mask during a raging pandemic would not be the first thing that came to mind. Yet, here we are in the future of my timeline and these cool new Horrmel Black Label Breathable Bacon Face Masks now exist. In what might be the most ingenious way of both promoting premium bacon in a fun way and tricking everyone to finally cover both their mouth AND NOSE, these stylish ear loop face masks smell just like tasty bacon combined with a natural hardwood scent. Unfortunately, these aren't for sale, but you can score one for free by entering for a chance to win one from now until October 28, 2020 at the link below. For each entry (win or lose), Hormel Foods will also be donating one meal, up to 10,000, to Feeding America to help with hunger relief. Now if you do win one, be sure to wear it properly over your nose to enjoy the lovely bacon scent and don't be surprised when you find that you keep adding bacon to your shopping cart for some reason. 🥓😷

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  • Bacon-Scented Face Mask from the makers of HORMEL BLACK LABEL Bacon - A first-of-its-kind innovation!
  • Two-ply multi-fiber cloth to keep the delicious smell of bacon always wrapped around your nose and mouth
  • A revolutionary face mask featuring the latest in pork-scented technology

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