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Miro CleanPot - Tankless Floating Humidifier / Aroma Diffuser

Miro CleanPot - Tankless Floating Humidifier / Aroma Diffuser

Miro CleanPot - Tankless Floating Humidifier / Aroma Diffuser

During these seemingly endless dry, freezing cold Winters, it's good to run a humidifier to add some much needed moisture relief to the air, but almost all humidifiers are either huge and cumbersome to deal with, are hard to fill, require filter/wick changes. or a complete maintenance/cleaning pain. The solution is this cool new Miro CleanPot. This innovative tankless ultrasonic humidifier simply floats in the included bowl or a bowl of your choice (ahem, bathtub), is completely washable in the sink, and even doubles as an aroma diffuser when you put a few drops of essential oils into the water. Refilling is as simple as adding more water to the bowl without needing to stop the unit or remove any hard to fill water tanks and no filters or wicks need to be changed. You can even adjust the vapor produced using the included Interchangeable vapor caps which produce either a Volcano or tea kettle effect. The only downside is that it can't make Spring come any sooner... Winter, BAH!

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  • No filters, no water pump, no internal water tank - every part is washable
  • Floats in your own bowl
  • You can refill the water, without stopping operation
  • Vaporizes up to up to 2.5 gallons per day
  • Adjust the intensity of the humidification with the external control knob
  • Aroma Diffuser - Add a couple drops of your favorite aromatic oil into the water
  • Unit comes apart in 1-motion, and every surface is visible and washable
  • Interchangeable vapor cap - Includes a "Volcano" and "Tea-Kettle" shaped vapor cap
  • Ultrasonic humidification is instant, nearly silent, and produces cool vapor without a heating element

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