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Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier

Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier

Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifier

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Are you tired of the uncomfortable dry winter air that leads to nothing but dry cracked skin, sinus problems, a feeling of being cold and powerful cracking static electric shocks? If you're smart, you have a large humidifier in your home to keep the humidity levels at healthy comfortable levels, but many of us spend half our days sitting in extremely dry offices and cubicles slowly crumbling away. The solution is to get a cool new Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Tabletop Humidifiers.

The Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Humidifier is a space-saving and portable cool mist humidifier perfect for small rooms and spaces like offices, cubicles, nurseries, bedrooms and more. Ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate a small metal diaphragm at an ultrasonic frequency to create cool mist. The Germ Guardian goes further and uses nano-silver technology to naturally inhibit bacteria, mold and mildew from growing in the water tank for healthier mist generation and a cleaner breathing environment. Unlike most humidifiers, there are no costly wicks, filters or evaporating pads to replace and it runs virtually silent. It holds enough water to run continuously for up to 8 hours, which is perfect for an average work day and a good night's sleep. It also produces a soft and soothing blue glow which makes it a cool mood lamp or night light.

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