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Humidifier Version III

Humidifier Version III

Humidifier Version III

Designer Naoto Fukasawa from the Japanese design house Plusminuszero has completely rethought and redesigned the humidifier. The company's intent is to turn everyday objects into art and they've succeeded with this cool new water drop inspired Humidifier Version III. This humidifier is more likely to be mistaken for an artistic sculpture in your home than a regular old clunky plastic humidifier. So if you need to humidify your dry home with moisture or simply live in a dry climate, do it in style. Very cool.



  • Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
  • Standard mode: 8 hours at 300ml/hour
  • Long Run mode: 18 hours at 130ml/hour
  • Dimensions: 12" Diameter x 6" H
  • Colors: white, orange, light blue, pink, beige, brown, deep green, blue

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