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Cheese Slicer by Marcus Vagnby

Cheese Slicer by Marcus Vagnby

Cheese Slicer by Marcus Vagnby

Are you still slicing cheese with a mere knife? The Cheese Slicer by designer Marcus Vagnby uses a patented stop ruler to cut perfectly uniform slices from your block of cheese. Simply place your block or wedge of cheese on the slicer base, turn the crank and a rotating wire slices one slice at a time as it moves down the screw. You can store the cheese in the slicer and cover the whole unit with a stylish swiss cheese inspired dimpled cover. When refrigerated the four pound base is cooled so the cheese is kept cold when served. Pretty cool as far as modern 21st century cheese slicing contraptions go.

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  • Artist: Marcus Vagnby
  • Patented stop ruler ensures uniform slices
  • Cap allows the cheese to be stored and blocks outside odors
  • Refrigerate slicer and the four pound base is cooled for serving
  • Works on cheese wedges and cheese blocks
  • Materials: plastic, stainless steel, ABS rubber
  • 6" L x 6" W x 7" H

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