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Vagnbys Champagne Saber

Vagnbys Champagne Saber

Vagnbys Champagne Saber


This New Year's Eve or whenever it's time to bust out some fine Champagne, use this cool new Vagnbys Champagne Saber to dramatically slice open the bottles just like Napoleon Bonaparte would do if he was partying with you. This forged stainless steel Champagne bottle-cleaving sword is polished to a mirror finish and has a unique blunt edge that not only makes it safer to be wielding a saber around celebrating guests, it also helps to chop off the top. To use, just remove the foil and little cork cage, aim the bottle away from everyone, find the seam that runs along the bottle, swiftly slide the saber blade along it until it reaches the neck of the bottle, and bask in the cheers of the delighted crowd as the top comes cleanly off. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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