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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart

Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart

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This cool new Lager Trolley from Ferm Living is a minimalist brushed aluminum rolling bar cart inspired by brutalist industrial design. Its unique geometric shape makes it interesting from every angle as it serves up drinks, appetizers, and other refreshments at parties, stores various items in an office, bathroom, or bedroom, or assists you in the kitchen, garage, or crafting room. It features two large shelves, a large raised edge that doubles as a handle, four wheels for easy transport, and it also doubles as a striking side table.

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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart
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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart
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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart
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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart
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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart
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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart
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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart
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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart
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Lager Trolley - Minimalist Aluminum Bar Cart
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