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Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass

Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass

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Take your martinis to the next level when you enjoy them from one of these cool new Eva Trio Angled Martini Glasses. These futuristic martini glasses have 14 degree angled rims to give them a unique and edgy look. Each glass is crafted in Denmark from mouth-blown glass and holds up to 6 oz. Hmm, it might be a good idea to practice sipping a few cocktails alone with these to prevent looking like a dribbling mess when you accidentally drink from wrong side at a party though.

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Vintage Pool Ball Bottle Stoppers
These unique bottle stoppers are made from real pool balls and are each one-of-a-kind creations.
Pirate Ship Party Bucket
This shipshape beverage tub is sure to shiver the timbers of all your party guests as bottles and cans of your favorite poison are served atop ice inside the hull of a galvanized iron pirate ship with a large cotton sail emblazoned with the skull and crossbones.
Holy Water Flask
Who am I to judge what you decide to carry inside?
40 oz Beer Cozy
This neoprene insulated sleeve slides over the bottle just like a regular beer can cozy, but it also features a built-in handle and comes in two fly patterns, Royal Crowns or Bandana.
Mountain Peak Whiskey Glass With Wooden Base
This stunning rocks glass has curvy mountainous peaks bulging up from the bottom of the heat-resistant borosilicate glass which rests upon a matching wooden base in either a black walnut or beech finish.
Dumbbell Beer Glasses
Fun beer drinking vessels shaped like barbells, so you can work your biceps while you down a few cold ones.
Guzzle Buddy - Beer Bottle Glass
After you've chosen a great beer, the big decision is whether or not to drink it straight from the bottle like an animal or pour it into a glass for a more sophisticated and refined drinking experience. So why not do both?
Menu Champagne Saber
Popping a cork off a champagne bottle is always kinda scarily exciting, but if you use this polished, stainless steel saber to slice the top off a champagne bottle, it becomes an epic event.
Laboratory Shot Glasses
The perfect addition to any true mad scientist's laboratory wet bar for doing shots of victory after completing some diabolical experiment or for pouring in alcoholic ingredients to their latest intoxicating brews.

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Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass
A unique stoneware coffee mug with a no tip wide base and a twist-in drink-through lid to take it on the go.
Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass
Four pack of retro pint glasses features the original artwork from the classic arcade games Asteroids, Centipede, Tempest, Missile Command.
Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass
Whether you want to drink wine or beer, now you can reach for the same glass.
Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass
Beer goes down much better during the big game when you drink from these football-shaped glass tumblers.
Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass
This handy camping vessel is a double wall insulated stainless steel bottle that can be quickly transformed into a cup.
Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass
Just having one glass of wine? Nah! Bring the entire bottle with you when you sip from this full-sized 750ml bottle with a wine glass on top.
Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass
This unusual jellyfish / octopus inspired cocktail glass looks as if it emerged from the murky depths of the ocean to hold up your next martini above its creepy tentacle-like arms.
Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass
A heavy duty, solid ceramic coffee mug with an anatomical handle that looks like a lumbar vertebra from the spine.
Eva Trio Angled Martini Glass
They may look like those iconic plastic red cups used at any proper crazy party, but these have been miniaturized down to shot glass proportions and constructed from resusable ceramic.

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