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Oktoberfest Glass Beer Boots

Oktoberfest Glass Beer Boots

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Whether it's Oktoberfest or well, right now, celebrate away with two liters of beer in one of these massive Glass Beer Boots. These imported German bierstiefels are made from thick crystal clear glass, hold nearly 7 beers and weigh eight pounds when full. It's not only struggle to finish that much brew, but you need to hold the boot a certain way too. If you point the toe down, the beer flows very slowly and if you point it up, the beer flows fast and spills all over the drinker. The key is to turn the boot sideways.

If these cool beer boot glasses look familiar, they were recently featured in the movies Beerfest as Das Boot and in Inglourious Basterds, but according to Wikipedia, the tradition may have begun a hundred years ago in Germany. "A Prussian general swore to his troops that he would drink beer from his boot dependent on the successful outcome in a coming battle. When victorious, the general ordered a glass fashioned in the shape of a boot to fulfill his promise".

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