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Stoneware Octopus Cups

Stoneware Octopus Cups

Stoneware Octopus Cups

As far as odd sea creatures go, the octopus is definitely near the top of the weird and fascinating list. These amazing invertebrates are not only well-armed with eight creepy tentacles, an ink defense system, jet propulsion, precision eyesight, advanced intelligence, three hearts, blue blood, automatic appendage regeneration, protective color-changing camouflage and the ability to squeeze through tight crevices, they also collect crustacean shells and other objects to construct gardens around their lairs. Amazing huh?

Celebrate the coolness of the mysterious octopi with an Octopus Cup. These flared stoneware cups feature a bas relief octopi design on each side and can be used as mint julep cups, drinking glasses or as containers to hold your toothbrushes, flowers, pencils, coins and more. These unique 15 oz cups are available in black or white, are dishwasher, microwave and dolphin safe, even though dolphins are an octopus' mortal enemy.

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