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Original Slush Mug - Transforms a Drink into Slushee!

Original Slush Mug - Transforms a Drink into Slushee!

The Original Slush Mug is back and ready to transform almost any beverage into a delicious slushee! Simply place the Slush Mug in your freezer until properly chilled, then pour in your favorite naturally sweetened beverage and watch in amazement as the drink crystalizes and thickens into an icey slush in just a few minutes.

The secret to the slush is the inner GlacierCore, which uses patent-pending, non-toxic refrigerant sealed inside to lower the temperature of the beverage down to 34° F. This constant chill causes the desired slushee effect for up to 2 hours without ever watering down your drink like using ice would. It makes the perfect frozen treat for hot summer days, lounging around the pool or when trapped in an office all day.

I'm thinking an Orange Crush slushee is sounding good right now.


  • Changes almost any beverage into a delicious, frozen dessert
  • Keep Slush Mug in freezer until you're ready
  • Makes a Slushee in minutes
  • Stays in Slushee form for two hours
  • Flavor stays strong and undiluted since no ice is used
  • 12 ounce capacity
  • Does not require ice or a blender
  • Works on any naturally sweetened beverage

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