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Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler

Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler

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When you're mighty thirsty on a hot summer day, there's nothing worse than waiting to chill down a can of beer or soda. Well, if you can somehow survive waiting one single minute, you can have a cold one in hand using this cool new Chill-O-Matic Drink Cooler. This handy device chills down cans of beer and soda from room temperature to icy cold in only 60 seconds - 240x faster than putting it in the fridge. Just fill it with ice, insert the can, and turn it on - the can won't even foam up when it's ready. Perfect for backyard BBQs, tailgating, or anytime you're stuck with a case of warm beer.

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Wine Splash Bottle Stopper
This fun silicone bottle stopper keeps your wine from spilling while at the same creating the illusion that it already has.
Contact Naval Mine Whiskey Chiller
A chillable stainless steel whiskey stone in the shape of an infamous contact Naval mine.
U-Cube Polar Ice Trays Make Crystal Clear Ice Cubes
Create single crystal clear ice cubes in triangle, natural rock, and traditional cube shapes. True ice cube perfection for ice cube snobs.
Three Bottle Jagermeister Tap Machine
Chill up to 3 bottles of Jagermeister down to the ideal drinking temperature of zero and then dispense the coolest and smoothest shot with a pull of the handle.
Spilled Wine Bottle Holder
This wine bottle holder makes it appear that wine is spilling out from the bottle, but it's just an illusion that actually holds a wine bottle at the correct angle during storage.
Bulldog Ice Mold
If you prefer your whisk(e)y chilled on the rocks, love dogs, and worry about diluting the flavor and aroma of your spirit with melting ice, then check out these cool new Tovolo Bulldog Ice Molds.
Koozball - All-in-One Foam Football and Drink Koozie
These foam insulated drink koozies not only keep your beer or sodas ice cold, but they're also real, working footballs that you can toss around AFTER you take the empty can or bottle out first.
Minimalist Concrete Wine Bottle Holder
A heavy duty yet quite minimalist wine bottle rack that is handcrafted from smooth, gold-flecked cement that can safely hold up to 6 of your favorite standard wine bottles.
Icicle Swizzle Sticks
This holiday season, serve up frosty cocktails to your guests with these extra festive glass icicle swizzle sticks.

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Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler
Handcrafted in Italy from whisky blended with dark chocolate to create a truly decadent liqueur.
Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler
Kombucha is a living tea filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotics and this is the first fermentation crock specifically designed for easily brewing, storing, and dispensing it at home.
Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler
This fun bottle of fizzy soda pop tastes like freshly mowed grass, which tastes like what it smells like and finishes with a slightly sweet aftertaste.
Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler
Add a pinch of this 100% edible glitter to cocktails, Champagne, or other drinks and give it a swirl to make it sparkle and shimmer in the light.
Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler
All-natural, gourmet fruit sodas traditionally brewed in Portland, Oregon using organic fruits and berries locally grown in the Pacific Northwest - no artificial flavors, colors, corn sugar or any other trickery added!
Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler
Pepsi in Japan has been releasing extremely weird new limited edition flavors like Ice Cucumber, Blue Hawaii and White Yogurt. Well, this summer they are releasing their strangest flavor yet, Pepsi Shiso!
Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler
This unique organic seltzer water uses 100% pure maple sap that is sourced, grown, and produced by maple trees in Vermont.
Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler
Little bubbles filled with tasty juice that burst in your mouth after slurping them up in your favorite beverages and cocktails.
Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler
Forget Hot Chocolate on a Stick, because this cool new Hot Chocolate on a Vintage Silver Spoon is the more civilized way to make a cozy cup of hot cocoa in the easiest way possible.

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