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Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler

Chill-O-Matic - 60 Second Drink Cooler

When you're mighty thirsty on a hot summer day, there's nothing worse than waiting to chill down a can of beer or soda. Well, if you can somehow survive waiting one single minute, you can have a cold one in hand using this cool new Chill-O-Matic Drink Cooler. This handy device chills down cans of beer and soda from room temperature to icy cold in only 60 seconds - 240x faster than putting it in the fridge. Just fill it with ice, insert the can, and turn it on - the can won't even foam up when it's ready. Perfect for backyard BBQs, tailgating, or anytime you're stuck with a case of warm beer.

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